06 March 2007

Yet more stock photo sites

Here is another tranche of stock photo sites. As before, I have listed sites which have their own image databases rather than image search sites. I have tried to exclude sites which have overly complex licences or onerous terms of use.

FreeMediaGoo.com was created for developers by developers. They provide a way for developers to gather assets that can be used in print, film, TV, Internet or any other type of media both for commercial and personal use. The content is royalty free. No need for links and no limits to the number of images that you can use.

There are 10 directories set out with 16 thumbnail images to a page which are fairly quick to browse. This is a simple site to navigate.

This is a more idiosyncratic site, based largely on cityscapes and metropolitan images. It is the work of a single photographer - Jeremie Zimmerman. There are 23 directories, some of which have sub-directories.

You can freely distribute copies of images, modified or not, for a fee or for free providing that you:
  • attach the Creative Commons licence, in its entirety, to the copies or indicate precisely where the licence can be found
  • attribute the author of the originals
There are no thumbnails which makes this a more awkward site to browse, but keyword or category search is possible. Use of the images for personal or commercial projects is free but the source - Free-stockphotos - should be attributed and (preferably) a link back to the site provided.


There are over 2700 photos already categorised and another 800 or so are 'in the queue'. Usage of images is absolutely free and doesn't require attribution of the source or a link back to the site. Registration is required for download and the site has a very comprehensive classification system.

There are 950 images on the site. Images are the work of a single photographer - Aarin Yu. Images are free for use. The site offers images that are free for personal and commercial use. Images may be downloaded for use in a web site, print ads, brochures or any end products.

Use requires attribution irrespective of the medium. The copyright information will need to be legible. If these images are in use on a website, a link to AarinFreePhoto.com is required.

There are about 65 directories. GeekPhilosopher provides royalty free stock images, wallpapers, and desktop backgrounds. Currently, the collection categories include free photos of children, people, sports, fruit, vegetables, eggs, fun and different, medical, airplanes, flowers, outdoors, sky, sunsets,clouds, stars and planets, water, domestic animals, butterflies, insects, grazing animals, birds, horses, famous paintings, music, texture, tile, and paper.

The images in the database comprise both original photographs where Geekphilosopher owns the copyright - those images are free for use except redistribution - and other images which include public domain and expired copyright images.

bigfoto.com, is a royalty free photo agency offering free use of low resolution images (with link or attribution). Some images are available in high resolution and in those cases, specific terms of use would need to be negotiated with the photographer.


Over 2500 original royalty free medium resolution stock images in 58 galleries. Terms of Use are straightforward for personal and commercial uses - credit to the site and, if possible, a link. Prohibitions include resale of the original image and sub-licensing.

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