28 February 2007

Even more stock photos

Another collection, all based on sites which have their own image databases and clear Terms of Use:


Images may be downloaded for private use and for commercial and non-commercial purposes as a component of "new independent graphic works" or within "an editorial context". Independent graphic works for the above purpose are new works created by the downloader and integrating the subject photograph such as collages, Internet pages, print products and advertising media. Download credits are earned daily (1 per day but expire at day's end), and may be earned by uploading images or by cash payment.


Majestic Imagery has over 450 images in 18 categories. Registered users are welcome to download and use images within graphics projects on a royalty free basis. The sole stipulation is that credit is given to the photographer and the Majestic Images site through a back link.


This is one of the larger private image databases and consists of over 5000 images which relate to a wide range of topics which can be searched by keyword, by geography or by colour. Terms of use include private and commercial uses providing the source is attributed and there is a backlink to the site.

High quality photos, but a relatively small database organised in 5 categories. Usage is free for personal and commercial use providing the photographer is attributed and there is a backlink to the site. There are some excluded categories, but this is one of the simplest licence agreements that I have come across.

A large collection of over 232,000 images organised geographically. Usage is free for personal and commercial use for low resolution images - further rights need to be negotiated with the owner of the image. Several search types are possible including country, city and keyword.

Yotophoto has indexed well over a quarter of a million Creative Commons, Public Domain, GNU FDL, and various other 'copyleft' images. Images are free to use for public and commercial applications. Because of the large range of sources, licence conditions vary and it is important to check the terms of a specific image before use.

Free stock photographs and a premium image area. Free photos may be used in both personal and commercial projects, subject to the Licensing Agreement. No linkback or credits are required, although a link back to the gallery would be appreciated.

A number of free stock photos which are free to use for personal and commercial projects providing you give credit to the photographer: Ernest von Rosen.

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