18 May 2006

Feel the fear and do it anyway ...

We are working with a team to promote interest in the application for forecasting, budgeting and performance management. Some of the team dislike ambiguity and want every conceivable question answered before they speak to a potential client.

My view of the world is a bit different. I'm happy to be roughly right and it doesn't bother me in the least if there are things that I don't know. That's fine so long as I'm honest and admit that I've encountered a question that I can't answer.

That can create difficulties because I don't always anticipate how much support they need to help them in their early contacts. Fortunately, Chris and Phil are only too happy to tell me what's required.


Blogger Dennis Howlett said...

Tell me more about the app. Might be able to include it in my review schedule if it's any good? I've done something on Intellgent Apps and I've just been looking at a streaming data analysis tool

8:30 am  

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