23 May 2006

The seasonal business

Sometimes the weather conspires against you - it is only just over a week since the newspapers were going on at length about the drought that the UK was suffering from. Today, 8 days later, 8 days of rain later, the Sandhurst Donkey Derby is at risk of being cancelled.

The issue is that the rainwater is floating. It has become trapped in the first 30cm of the field and it isn't draining away. There will be a final decision tomorrow to establish whether the field will be dry enough to allow the event to take place.

If the event cannot take place then we have to find an alternative date that satisfies the least-worst optimisation. It is inevitable that some of the punters will be away, so will some of the stallholders and helpers.

This isn't a decision that will be taken lightly, the Donkey Derby should happen on the Bank Holiday Monday if at all possible.


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