21 December 2006

Getting a virtual terminal

Having described a couple of days ago that PayPal had now released a version of PayPal Pro in Europe together with the eagerly awaited Virtual Terminal, we applied. We have been rejected, with no clear explanation (this is PayPal we are talking about here) and told that we can reapply in 90 days.

The alternative is probably to go with a merchant account from our business bank through CardNet linked to ProtX payment gateway and RomanCart cart). The advantage being that we have been accepted for this solution but PayPal Pro held out the promise of the functionality we were looking for coupled with highly competitive costs - now that we have been pushed back it seems inevitable that we will go down the CardNet / ProtX / RomanCart route.

The reason for the desire to change is that we know we are losing sales in PayPal standard which we are fairly confident that we could deliver with virtual terminal functionality. This is costing us money and PayPal's unwillingness to share why we have been rejected isn't helpful.

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