20 December 2006

Not to forget Yellow Jacket

which is the rather oddly named bot sent to crawl my feeds by a site called Hive Spy. I didn't include it in yesterday's stats from FeedBurner because it only appeared today. Hive Spy collects feeds from a variety of sources and then scrolls them, allowing you to pause the scroll at any point if something catches your eye.

It's clearly not intended for serious search although it does have a tag cloud which you can use if you want to look at a more focused set of results. The point of Hive Spy - and it is weirdly hypnotic, even if for just a few moments - is to highlight just how much content is being uploaded every minute.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, You obviously get it. BTW I'm hivespy is currently showing 80 new pages per minute, I'm collecting between 180 and 240 per minute, too much to digest.

10:36 pm  

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