29 May 2006

Bank holiday tasks

This morning I was planning to go down to the Donkey Derby field to turn away any stallholders that hadn't been contacted, but fortunately, the weather is foul so I think that many of them would get the hint even without my being there.

I'm not talking about the people that booked one or more stalls from me - I have spoken to all of them, first-hand. It is their helpers. Some of the stallholders have 10 or 12 helpers and it's quite possible that some of them haven't heard the news.

That process - waterfall communication - is used in large organisations to ensure that messages flow in a predictable manner through the structure. In practice, human systems get in the way and the results can often be as unpredictable as an announcement over a tannoy.

Now that we aren't raising money for charity today, we will have to start planning to make sure that we raise as much as possible on the revised date - 27th August - the Sunday of August bank holiday.


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