26 May 2006

Remember Meredith Belbin?

OK, what's the headline about?

Meredith Belbin worked on data from the Henley Management College. The College runs a business game for each cadre of students who attend its management course. The game hasn't changed for a long period and there was a lot of data for Belbin to review including Myers Briggs type analysis. Fairly early in the research, Belbin, and his statistician who I think was Bill Harstone the chess player, were able to isolate the personality characteristics within a team which would guarantee failure in the game. Success was harder to predict.

That conclusion was based on analysis of the personality types of winning teams over losing teams and it lead Belbin to suggest that a successful team required several types of contribution to be successful. One of those types was the pure creative - the plant. Plants are highly creative, often sensitive to criticism and frequently poor at working in teams. A team of plants wouldn't talk to one another for fear that the other plants would steal and improve on their ideas.

We have found a plant. He invents on a regular basis. He has been successful at commercialising a number of his ideas and seems to be effective at getting entry to the most surprising companies. He has a gift, one that deserves to be nurtured. We can supplement his ideas with the diligence and persistence to make sure that his ideas get to a wider audience. I think we will enjoy working together.


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