31 May 2006

Timing is everything ...

We have been trying to arrange a seminar for finance professionals to take a look at the budgeting, forecasting and performance management application. Without thinking too hard about it, we set a date which met our requirements and sent out invitations to several hundred organisations with a teaser follow-up and telephone calls. We had forgotten that financial people have to produce month-end figures at the beginning of the month, so many people who wanted to come to the seminar couldn't attend on the date we had selected. There was simply too much going on in the office for them to take the time.

The good news is that we used the telephone follow-up - without that, we wouldn't have understood the problem and simply thought that there was something in the copy that we had used. In fact, the copy seemed to go over well and I'm sure that we will get the numbers we want when we set a date which isn't quite so fraught.


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